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какая-то росберри

SVETLANA and HELEN glad to see you on our site about begonias! 



We really like begonias. They are very beautiful. Most of them are easy to care for. Besides begonias, we have other plants. But the main place is occupied by begonias.
Here is a private collection. This is our hobby. We arenэt a store or nursery. Our plants grow at home.

This site contains only our photos.
We’re interested not only by real plants, but also in their origin, their history. Therefore, the site isn’t built as a store. It’s an information site.
We have a website-store, but it’s still in start
Gradually, we’ll post information about the begonias themselves and everything related to them.

Now, the BEGONIA collection has more than 800 cultivars and spacies.
But we don’t stop there.  The collection is constantly replenished. We adds information about them at the website.

As a result we have accumulated a lot of experience in their care, propagation, treatment and recovery.
And we’ll be happy to share this experience with you. We really hope that this will allow you to avoid mistakes. And your begonias will always be in good condition.
You can read articles about our observations and advice.

We are also ready to share our plants with you. And we hope that they will bring you much pleasure.

You can make orders in mail: LaHard2008@yandex.ru

 messengers by 8 (916) 587-85-66 (MTS), Wats Up, Viber

When you are ordering plants, please consider that we’ve a private collection and we can’t always execute your order quickly and full.
Delivery of the order is discussed individually, therefore, on the site you will not find information about it. Usually, we send by post 1 class, EMS and personal meeting in Moscow.

We try to make our site convenient for you. And we are looking forward to your feedback on our plants and website. We will be grateful to your suggestions on the work of the site.

If you didn’t receive an answer from us, please duplicate your message. We are afraid to answer everything in the shortest possible time.


We are pleased that you have looked at our page.


Wish you a pleasant viewing!

The best regards!!!



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